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At Gemlight Publishing LLC, we publish a large number of books each year in a wide variety of genres. We pride ourselves on the number of first-time authors we publish and are especially thrilled that so many of our discoveries have become household names. With our size and experience, we have the tools necessary for writers to thrive in today’s competitive publishing world. These stellar credentials are why so many writers choose to produce their books with us. Get in touch to learn more about our mission and vision for the future.

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Erica S.
COO/ Senior Publisher

Erica T Capri is the bestselling author behind the "A Thin Line" Trilogy series. She finds pleasure in writing fiction, non-fiction, romance, children's literature, articles, self-help books, and so much more.


Erica is a stylist, an entrepreneur, a film producer as well as a playwright. Her work as a playwright has become popular over the years with her production performing at Colleges and theatre stages.


Altogether, Erica has written over twenty pieces in the combination of stage plays, screenplays, and novels. She has coached over 20 authors and has ghostwritten more than 15 projects being the COO of Gemlight Publishing company.


Erica's life goals are simple -- she's big on family and self-care, so when she's not writing, she's taking care of her two beautiful young children.


Erica T Capri has no plans to stop writing anytime soon and is hard at work on her book and film releases.


Read Erica's Books in Order!
Book 1: No Trouble Today
Book 2: Prayers For The Prey: The Escape Plan to Overcoming Sexual Abuse
A Thin Line Series
Book 3: A Thin Line Between Love and Obsession
Book 4: A Thin Line Between Love & Fear

Book 5: A Thin Line Between Love and Revenge


Join Erica's mailing list at (www.ericacapri.com.) for updates on her new releases and free e-books. Follow her on Instagram at (erica_capriwriter)