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Screenwriting Services

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“Those who tell the stories rule society”
~Claude Debussy

Our team of writers has challenged themself by working on a variety of scripts and book screenplay adaptations. Feel free to submit your inquiry. 

What to expect?


The Book- TO- Screen services is a screenplay document that converts from the adaptation of your story. It provides the blueprint for producers and directors to read when preparing for shooting a film. We take your story and lay it out from scene to scene with full dialogue. This process takes approximately 3-6 months to complete based on the level of material that is provided.
This service includes:
  •  Short-Full-length screenplay (length depends on the desired medium (film, TV, Digital) and genre (comedy, drama, horror, etc)
  • Copyright
  • Query letter with Synopsis attachment
  • Producer evaluation & consideration – a qualified producer will evaluate the material for potential options.

Prices start at $4,000

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