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Gemlight Publishing Package

Gemlight Publishing Company has several economical packages that are tailor-made to meet your publishing goals. Yes, publishing is an investment, but you decide how much money to invest – and the initial investment can be worth it. Self-published authors are struggling to get their work seen in bookstores countrywide. Do you want to be one of those authors who spent many years to finish their project and cheat themselves by not taking the time and effort to connect with a publisher? Now, that’s why  Gemlight Publishing has a whole team to work on your project full-time. You have to decide how valuable is your work and if its precious as a Gem to bring light to readers. Some people thrive and make it happen, are you one of those people? Don't procrastinate any longer, its time for you to make some moves. 


POETRY- $599

PEARL- $899





**All packages require the author to pay 50% of the chosen publishing package for us to get started on the project.**

**If you have questions about which publishing package is best for your book, please email us at call or call 228.233.5455.**

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