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From Brokenness to Wholeness 

21- Day Journal : The Journey of Hearing the Voice of God 

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ISBN- 978-17344326-9-5(Hardcover)
Author: Tawana Conner
List price:$18.99
Non-Fiction/ Self-Help

Product details

Binding: Hardback: Case Laminate

Publication Date : 01/27/2021

Pages: 128

Dimensions: 5.500" x 8.500" (216mm x 140mm)

Weight: 0.692 lbs.

Language: English


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"From Brokenness to Wholeness, a 21-day journal shares Tawana Conner journey of going through the seasons of being purged into righteousness. Experiencing hurt, pain, and disappointment, she found her purpose.

A devotional book that you can read to refuel a deeper growth with the innermost spirit. Filled with affirmations, scriptures, and prayers that help aid daily life challenges.

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About The Author

Tawana Conner 

Is a wife and mother, and spiritual support leader in battering/abused women. She's a board member of RG MindfulHealth 4, Our Youth Nonprofit organization in Gulfport, MS, and professional leader for People Health Network for over twenty years. Between writing and sharing her faith with others, you'll find Tawana at Faith, Hope, and Deliverance Ministries in Wiggins, Mississippi. 

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