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(Short Film)

Expected run time: 15 minutes.

Filming dates: February 24th -25th



The life of a woman changes unexpectedly when she misplaced her treasured notebook containing sentimental letters she had been writing to her future husband.


After a fortunate meeting at a restaurant, local magazine writer Sam Miller and single dad Jason Sinclair completely cross paths. By coincidence, Jason finds Sam's extremely valuable notebook, which is filled with all of these sentimental, letters that she wrote to her future partner. He is deeply moved by those letters. His mission is to track her down and return the notebook. When he finally gives her back the notebook, things between them became a little unexpected. Fueled by hope and faith, they fight against the forces of destiny.


Name: Sam Miller

Age: Early 30’s

Gender: Female  

Job: Magazine writer

Character Role: LEAD

Ethnicity: African American

Background: Sam grew up in a small town, always dreaming of becoming a writer. She moved to the city to pursue her passion and has found success as a magazine writer. She's been writing letters to her future partner in a notebook as a way to express her hopes and dreams.


Name: Jason Sinclair

Age: 32 +

Gender: Male

Job: Single dad, works in finance

Character Role: LEAD

Ethnicity: African American

Background: Jason's life revolves around his young daughter after his wife passed away. He works hard to provide for her and is dedicated to being the best father he can be. Finding Sam's notebook ignites a spark of hope and inspiration in his life.


Name: Bobbie Sinclair

Age: 8-11 yr. old

Gender: Female

Character Role: SUPPORTING

Ethnicity: African American

Background: Mia is Jason's daughter, a bright and energetic young girl who brings joy to everyone around her. She's been coping with the loss of her mother and finds comfort in her father's love and support.


Name: Rachel

Age: 40’s

Gender: Female

Job: School teacher

Character Role: SUPPORTING

Ethnicity: African America

Background: Rachel is Sam's older sister and confidante. She's a dedicated teacher who believes in the power of love and fate. She encourages Sam to take a chance on unexpected opportunities.


Name: Lily

Age: 25+

Gender: Female

Character Role: Small Role

Ethnicity: Any

Background: Lily is a fellow writer at the magazine and a close friend of Sam's. She's a free spirit who encourages Sam to follow her heart and take risks in love.


Name: Sam’s Assistant  

Age: 18+

Gender: Any

Character Role: Small Role

Ethnicity: Any  

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