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As a groundbreaking Global, Empowering, Millennium catalog, Gemlight Publishing is devoted to engaging every aspect of a millennial’s life. GEM catalog empowers authors or entrepreneurs to market their books or products with direct mail and grow their audiences.

Hurry! The 2024 SPRING Catalog Advertising Deadline is April 1, 2023.*No late submissions of catalog advertisements will be accepted*

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Image by Waldemar Brandt

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GEM LIFE Catalog provides a place for like-minded authors and entrepreneurs  to share valuable products, mailed right at subscribers doors. Our catalog cover a wide variety genre keeping the pulse on avid reader's world. Start growing your audience and reserve your ad spot now!

"Big results require Big Ambitions!"


300 DPI and CMYK color mode.

JPG files preferred,however PDF files are acceptable.

Note: QR Codes and professional photo is required for ad spots. If you don't have an QR Code please ask representative how to purchase one.


Please email ads to:

Include your name, photo,short bio and book mockup.You will be sent an email confirming receipt of your ad. 

Do you have any questions about our Catalog Advertising? This section features some of the most frequently asked questions by our users, with their comprehensive answers. We tried to make our process as user-friendly as possible, but please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any additional questions or comments.

  • Who is Gemlight Publishing?
    Gemlight is a full-service publishing company dedicated to helping authors at all stages of their publishing journey. Whether you’re a fiction writer, poet, science fiction, or working on your memoir, Gemlight has the tools and experience publishing team to help bring the pages of your book to life. With comprehensive, affordable publishing packages, you will retain 100% royalty percentages in this business.
  • What type of books do Gemlight Publish?
    We publish all type of books as listed below. Fiction or Nonfiction Memoir Self-Help Children Books
  • How does Royalties work with Gemlight?
    Royalties are a percentage of book's sales that paid to the book's author. Gemlight pay royalties semi-annually in the month of June & December. After six months of the book published, Gemlight will issue Author 100% of any royalties due to them.
  • How long do the publishing process take?
    The timeline for publishing takes four to six months, depending on the material. Keep in mind that books will not hit the market until publishing packages are paid in full.
  • How do I submit my book idea?
    To submit your book idea for consideration, please visit the submit book idea page.
  • Do I have content approval rights?
    Yes, at Gemlight, each author retains 100% of the intellectual property rights associated with their book, including any modifications, additions, images, and designs created by our team. However, all publishing rights are reserved to Gemlight.
  • Why do I have to invest in publishing packages?
    You're investing in your dreams. Just as the old phrase states, "It takes money, to make money."Gemlight Publishing is a legit company that can bring out a professional version of your book, cover, editing, and suggestions for a polished final product. As an respectable publisher we will have a dedicated and professional team which work towards creating a book that looks good, inside and out. We have a distribution network which makes your paperback or hardcover books available in bookstores all over the country . Also, we have greater access to literary festivals, media outlets, talk shows and book readings. As an author, it is imperative for your book and you to be present in the right circles.
  • What are Gemlight Publishing Fees?
    The only fees associated with Gemlight Publishing is 7% Mississippi State taxes, and 2.9% +.30 Merchant fees. (any additional applicable taxes) Publisher Fee of $500.00 per publication Publisher Compensation fee is based on publishing package (range 10-30%). Cancellation: The author receives 100% refund within the 1st 48 hours of payment .$250.00(excluding merchants fees) non-refunded if canceled after of receipt of payment. Forms of payments acceptable to Gemlight: Option 1: Credit card (VISA, Mastercard, Amex, American Express) Option 2: Money Order Option 3: Cashier Check. Option 4: Paypal
  • What services do Gemlight provides?
    Gemlight Publishing is a full service independent publishing company that provides services in the areas of book production,book distribution, screenwriting and business logos.
  • Additional Questions
    If there are additional questions wasn't answered, please feel free to contact us via email at or call us at 833-436-5483

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