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When a lonely Christian woman regains her life back and unexpectedly falls dangerously in love with her new boss.


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A story about a beautiful Christian woman who seems to have everything – a picture-perfect marriage that most people would envy. She married the top district attorney in Dallas, Texas, and lived a fashionable lifestyle. But after their child's death and multiple miscarriages, she begins experiencing depression, loneliness, and abandonment issues. Trying to get through the tough times, she got closer to God while her husband turned for the worse by obsessively drinking. He became physically, verbally, and emotionally abusive toward her.

Hurt, confused, and despising herself for being submissive, she desperately seeks to regain control of her life and escape from her narcissistic husband; she aims to fulfill her spiritual battles in all the wrong places. She considers getting back into the workforce and changing her lifestyle will end her problems. When she meets a successful businessman, the tables begin to turn. However, when reality kicks in, she finds it very difficult to distinguish between love and obsession; during their relationship, she loses herself and races against time to come to reality before it is too late.

Currently in Pre-production

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